MASERATI GranTurismo front diffuser

MASERATI GranTurismo front diffuser

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MASERATI GranTurismo front diffuser

※ It supports bolt-on to pure medium-term S bumper.

We manufactured in two divisions so that we can cope with a year-round bumper.

It can be installed by sliding in the front and side directions as desired.

※ In the first half, the second half, the current type, MC Stradare bumper,

Some adjustment or processing is required.

(There is no need to wear it)

We always have a master type.

You can come to the store and check the fitting directly to your favorite car.

For more information please email or call us.

■ Material: Made of FRP

■ Delivery time: About 2 weeks to 1 month (excluded during busy season) by full order production

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    Made in Japan

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