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■ i_m ■ Air Lifter(Fro Front Only)

■ i_m ■ MST ■ Joint development Original air lifter



[I_m air lifter] step difference avoidance system with original structure jointly developed by both companies


If it is in the compatible size, it can be installed on any domestic car & import car.

At our designated factory (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture), we accept compliance check service free of charge.

※ It takes about 10 days to 2 weeks to complete the product because it is completely made to order.


※ For Maserati Granturismo & Quatroporte, installation to a genuine shock is also possible.

In that case,

· It is necessary to change to an external series wound spring that fits the air cup.

・ It is necessary to install a 20 mm wide tread spacer to the rear.

(If you wish to use the air lifter only at the front, you do not need a spacer)

・ Skyhook equipped cars require a separate canceller (+60,000 yen).



Please contact us for more details by email (




By combining with genuine shocks and car harmonics,

By sending the force of the air into the cup, you can instantly raise or lower the vehicle height by up to about 50 mm.

It is a part that can urgently avoid steps such as parking lot entrances.



During normal driving, drive at the currently set vehicle height → parking lot, steep slope, step, etc.

You can temporarily raise the vehicle height according to each situation.




※ Due to the structure of the product, it is not possible to drive with the vehicle height raised.

Do not damage the product or cause air leaks.



After many repeated tests with our demo car, the product is very high quality.

Also, logos, stickers and other accessories are omitted to lighten the burden on the owner as much as possible.

We are able to sell at the lowest price in Japan.



Front and rear independent wireless remote control allows easy UP & DOWN operation of vehicle height from inside and outside the car.

In addition, all parts (tank, compressor, solenoid valve, etc.) can be set in the luggage space in the trunk.

It can be used elegantly while keeping the current trunk space.


In addition, physical switches are also set in the trunk luggage for maintenance.

Even when the engine is turned off, maintenance can be done while raising the vehicle height.

※ Vehicle height falls by engine off at normal time. (Return to the original height)




■ AirCup Size


【Damper shaft diameter】


・ 12.5 mm

・ 14 mm

・ 15 mm

・ 16 mm

・ 18 mm

・ 20 mm

・ 22 mm

・ 40 mm


Correspond to the shaft diameter of the above 8 sizes



[Corresponding spring size]


・ ID 61 mm (inner diameter) or more

· Outer diameter 99mm or less



※ [i_m air lifter] is a joint development pro shop, and we recommend the installation at our designated installation factory MST Co., Ltd. (Nishitama-gun, Tokyo).



■ Installation fee ■

・ Front & rear: 180,000 yen (including tax)

・ Only front: 150,000 yen (including tax)



It is a next-generation pro shop with a wealth of experience in installing various air suspensions and installing custom audio.




※ Before purchase, be sure to mail the suspension currently in use [※ front and back one by one] to our designated factory QUATRO (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).

We accept compliance check service free of charge.

If installation is possible without problems, we will inform you of the flow of construction and the reservation and receipt method etc. after that.


If we decide that installation is not possible due to the structural convenience and special size & structure of the car harmonics, reassemble the car harmonics and shock as usual

I will send it back to you.


In that case, please note that the shipping fee for the round trip will be borne by the owner.




■ Flow about purchase ■


・ Ship front and rear shocks (including suspension etc.) from our customers to our designated factory (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) QUATRO

・ Free conformity check → Answer when installing → Shock back and forth

・ Product purchase → ※ About 10 days to 2 weeks to complete

・ We store goods to our designated installation factory QUATRO (Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa) (construction delivery 1 week-10 days ※ except busy season)

・ Delivery to the owner → Please come to QUATRO (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture).



※ In the case of installation only at the owner's own purchase and parts installed at other shops,

Accurately measure the damper shaft diameter and spring size using a caliper or the like.

It is necessary to once release the car harmonics and the genuine shock before and after.


Please be sure to measure and install in an experienced shop.

Depending on the structure of the car harmonics and the shock, there are some that can not be installed. Please be careful.

Please note that we can not accept any warranty or repair for any incidents caused by installation in other stores.



※ The hole at the center of the air cup has a built-in air leak prevention packing structure.

It is a mechanism that can not be remodeled such as expanding the hole or reducing the hole by packing addition.


※ It can not be attached to a tar type spring or a deformed spring. A separate winding spring (straight) is required.



※ For complete order production products, size measurement error · can not be installed in other stores · We can not accept returns or exchanges at other customer convenience.




■ Air lifter up to approximately 50mm UP


There is a possibility that the range of increase may be limited by the setting, spring rate, specifications, etc. of the car harmonics currently in use.

The stroke amount at 1 G leads to the increase.

It is possible to cope by combining a helper spring and an adjuster.



■ content of the set


・ Air Cup × 4

・ VIAIR air compressor × 1

・ 2 gallon aluminum air tank × 1

・ 12v 3way valve × 2

・ Switch & 5m wiring set

・ Front and rear independent wireless remote control x 2

·Power cord

・ 12 m air hose

・ Physical switch × 2

· T type air joint × 3





■ Our products are products developed for show cars.

As we do not bear any responsibility such as accidents that occurred about use in general public roads

Please be aware in advance.


※ Certified car inspection and structure change are not necessary.


■ Specifications may change without notice. Please note.




■ i_m ■ Air Lifter(Fro Front Only)

Sales Tax Included
  • We cannot accept returns or exchanges for products that have been scratched or soiled due to the customer's circumstances or responsibility.  
    As a general rule, we cannot accept returns for recycled parts.

    We pay close attention to the quality control of our products, but in the unlikely event that the product is different from what you ordered, or if there is a quality problem such as damage to the product, please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives. Please contact us. After you return the defective product by Sagawa Express or Yu-Pack cash on delivery, we will promptly exchange it for a good product or refund the price at our expense.

  • ■Delivery time: Approximately 10 days to 2 weeks due to complete build-to-order manufacturing (excluding busy periods)

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