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Maserati Granturismo Android  Navi

Maserati GranTurismo Android Navi 


[Carbon left handle in stock]

Carbon Right Handle (Delivery around 10 days)

Piano black (Delivery time around 10 days) *Common delivery date for left and right handles

Matte black (Delivery time around 10 days) *Left and right handle Same delivery date


■CarPlay/Android Auto compatible■
■ Suitable for 2007 to 2016 models


(Note 1) Regarding navigation and AC panel units, the department in charge is different.
(Yes) Please do not contact Ito Motor.


(Note 2) Regarding sales of similar products: Even if the panel looks similar, the manufacturing factory, built-in chip, electronic circuit with enhanced measures, OS version, etc. are internally different. Our original products are produced on a special production line at a partner factory.


We have received many inquiries about similar products purchased at other stores or privately imported.


[Example: 1] Blinking odometer (mileage)

[Example: 2] Meter warning light (System not programmed)

[Example: 3] LCD screen blackout


The above are typical cases that occur in units purchased on overseas EC sites.
Products purchased from other than our company cannot be repaired or supported. note that.


☆There are products available on the market specifically for parallel import vehicles. The products we handle are specially processed wiring and products that are compatible with regular dealer vehicles.

* If you install it on the vehicle without wiring processing, problems will occur frequently.

Please be careful.


☆ Say goodbye to stickiness peculiar to Italian cars ☆

It will be sold as a set including the installation fee for the CarPlay compatible 9-inch touch panel navigation system.


* For vehicles that do not have a back camera, we will provide a camera installation service at the back camera (30,000 yen including labor tax). Existing back camera can be used as it is. (excluding special cameras)

* Service price includes special installation fee only for customers who can visit Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. (Since the mounting circuit is special, we do not sell the navigation alone)

・If you can consult us, it is possible to pick up the vehicle on a business trip or have it installed and delivered at the customer's garage (requires a business trip fee)
・Number of storage days: 2-3 days (advance reservations required, excluding busy periods)


■ Android GEN3.0

■ 1024 × 600px  9 inch full HD multi-touch screen

■CarPlay/Android Auto compatible

■Genuine speedometer/tachometer interlocking display 

■ Genuine column switch (volume / song selection selector) can be used

■ Back camera can be installed *Separate option +30,000 yen*

■ Bluetooth TPMS (air pressure sensor) compatible *Separate option +15,000 yen*

Terrestrial digital full-seg compatible tuner *Separate option +30,000 yen*

■ SIM card port (for internet line)

■ Internet (smartphone or Wifi tethering) 

■Smartphone Mirror Link/ZLink (iPhone/Android)


■ External AUX IN x 2 ports

■ Google Navi or Yahoo Navi can be installed 

■Other Android apps can be installed

■ YouTube/Google Play store

■ AM & FM radio

■ Equalizer adjustment


etc. can be converted

■ Panel variations (carbon / piano black / matte black / silver & piano black)

Android 2DIN Navi Labor included MaseratiGranturismo

Sales Tax Included
  • We cannot accept returns or exchanges for products that have been scratched or soiled due to the customer's circumstances or responsibility.  
    As a general rule, we cannot accept returns for recycled parts.

    We pay close attention to the quality control of our products, but in the unlikely event that the product is different from what you ordered, or if there is a quality problem such as damage to the product, please contact us within 7 days after the product arrives. Please contact us. After you return the defective product by Sagawa Express or Yu-Pack cash on delivery, we will promptly exchange it for a good product or refund the price at our expense.

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