MASERATI GranTurismo Rear diffuser

MASERATI GranTurismo Rear diffuser

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MASERATI GranTurismo Rear diffuser

※ Back fog is not included.

※ Normally, the hole for back fog is not open in the purchased product.

If you want a back fog specification, both the rear diffuser and the original rear bumper are drilled,

A dedicated back fog is required.

※ Dedicated back fog (wiring & dedicated relay Set) Optional 15,000 yen (excluding tax)

※ The second thick fin from the outside of the demo car has been net processed, but usually the product is without net processing.

If you wish, please contact us, as it is available separately.

※ It supports bolt-on to the genuine previous term / middle term rear bumper.

All fins are made independently.

I took time and effort to make each one flow in an independent direction and to rectify firmly.

※ Depending on the type, mounting position and individual differences of the customer's muffler, the bottom may slightly interfere with the muffler silencer (though it can not be seen in the lower part of the vehicle). It can be installed without any problems if it can be shaved off at the time of installation.

※ It can not be installed on the MC Stradare bumper.

We always have a master type.

You can come to the store and check the fitting directly to your favorite car.

For more information please email or call us.

  • Product information

    Material: FRP made

    Made in Japan

  • Return / refund policy

    We can not accept returns or exchanges for products that are scratched or soiled at the customer's convenience or in the customer's responsibility.  In principle, returned goods can not be accepted for recycled parts.    We carefully pay attention to the quality control of the product, but if there is a problem with the quality of the product such as damage to the product if there is a difference with the product in the order, or within 7 days after the product arrives Please contact us. After returning a defective product by cash on delivery of Sagawa Express or Yu Pack, we will promptly replace it with a non-defective or return the price at our expense.

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